Eric Girouard has been involved in the advertising / graphic design industry since the early 1990’s. Although he has a degree in fine art from Concordia University in Montreal, Eric traded in his paintbrushes for a mouse and keyboard when he first used Photoshop 2.01 on a blazingly fast 25Mhz Mac IIci.

He has since then worked in professional photography, print and web design and other computer related fields. He recently completed a year and half long project as an user interface designer and usability analyst for Aeroplan.

Eric started teaching at the International Academy of Design in 1997 and joined the faculty of John Abbott College’s Publication Design and Hypermedia Technology department in 2001.

He currently runs a few web pages: his business site and photo archive, a Twitter account, a Facebook profile and page, Google+ as well as a LinkedIn profile. You can also find his images on 500px and Flickr.

Eric lives in Hudson with his two kids who are, as far as he knows, the only two kids in their school to have used Mac OS X, Windows XP/7 and Ubuntu Linux to do their homework.

Eric uses the name “Heliomedia” (as in helios = light + media = photography) because no one has a clue how to pronounce “Girouard”. Gee-roo-are is close enough.