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Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.27.22 PMIn a recent podcast, we were privileged to hear from the talented Julieanne Kost, Principal Evangelist for Photoshop and LIghtrom at Adobe Systems with an incredibly talented knack of digital imagery.  In her work, Julieanne combines a passion for photography with a mastery of digital imaging techniques.  With a degree in psychology, Julieanne constructs worlds similar enough to appear familiar, yet obviously an interpretation of the physical reality that surrounds us.
Since Kost is a passionate photographer, she combines her background in psychology in creating artwork that can be seen in many publications. Although the images are very personal representations of her dreams and personal reality, they are abstract enough to allow individual interpretation. Julieanne hopes to engage the viewer with the image to allow them to leave the reality that they hold true and explore, even if only for an instant, and venture into the visual placeholder of…

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